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macrophage group epithelial cell from ectoderm group T cell group smooth muscle cell group natural killer cell group pooled oocyte trophoblast group epithelial cell from endoderm group neural epithelial cell group neuron group mesenchymal stem cell group pluoripotent stem cell group glial cell group neuronal stem cell endodermal cell neurectodermal cell germ line stem cell spermatogonium spermatocyte spermatid sperm oocyte oogonial cell egg cell mesenchymal cell embryonic stem cell epithelial fate stem cell zygote melanocyte melanoblast migratory neural crest cell premigratory neural crest cell astrocyte oligodendrocyte oligodendrocyte precursor cell glial cell neuroblast glioblast neuron hepatocyte hepatoblast cholangiocyte myelinating Schwann cell immature Schwann cell Schwann cell precursor tracheal epithelial cell tracheoblast trophoblast cell syncytiotrophoblast cell mononuclear cytotrophoblast cell intermediate trophoblast cell pyramidal cell urothelial cell olfactory epithelial cell epithelial cell of prostate epithelial cell of esophagus epithelial cell of large intestine epithelial cell of small intestine neuroepithelial stem cell luminal epithelial cell of mammary gland bronchial epithelial cell stellate interneuron mammary alveolar cell keratinocyte ectodermal cell in vitro differentiated neural progenitor adipocyte mesenchymal stem cell msc to osteoblast differentiation day 1 msc to osteoblast differentiation day 3 msc to osteoblast differentiation day 7 msc to osteoblast differentiation day 21 msc to chondrocyte differentiation day 1 msc to chondrocyte differentiation day 3 msc to chondrocyte differentiation day 7 msc to chondrocyte differentiation day 21 differentiated mesenchymal stem cell fetal mesenchymal stem cell lipoma mesenchymal stem cell foreskin epithelial cell immortalized skin epithelial cell pyramidal neuron from entorhinal cortex pyramidal neuron from hippocampus pyramidal neuron from midtemporal gyrus pyramidal neuron from posterior singulate organ pyramidal neuron from superior frontal gyrus stellate neuron from entorhinal cortex keratinized cell of the oral mucosa immortalized gingival epithelial cell primary gingival epithelial cell cultured breast epithelial cell immortalized breast epithelial cell induced pluripotent cell primary neural epithelial cell definitive neural epithelial cell cultured airway epithelial cell immortalized airway epithelial cell large airway epithelial cell small airway epithelial cell amniocyte conjunctiva epithelial cell conjuctiva side population (stem) cell embryoid body cell embryoid body differentiation 1 embryoid body differentiation 2 embryoid body differentiation 3 pharynx epithelial cell epithelial cell from mesoderm group monocyte group fibroblast group hematopoietic cell group endothelial cell group B cell group megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor cell myeloid lineage restricted progenitor cell granulocyte monocyte progenitor cell macrophage dendritic cell progenitor monocyte monoblast promonocyte pre-conventional dendritic cell immature conventional dendritic cell mature conventional dendritic cell CD8_alpha-negative CD11b-negative dendritic cell CD4-positive CD11b-positive dendritic cell CD8_alpha-positive CD11b-negative dendritic cell immature dermal dendritic cell mature dermal dendritic cell common dendritic progenitor macrophage neutrophilic myeloblast immature neutrophil band form neutrophil neutrophilic metamyelocyte neutrophilic promyelocyte neutrophil progenitor cell basophilic promyelocyte mature basophil mast cell immature basophil basophilic metamyelocyte band form basophil basophil mast progenitor cell mast cell progenitor basophilic myelocyte mature eosinophil immature eosinophil eosinophilic metamyelocyte band form eosinophil eosinophilic myeloblast eosinophilic promyelocyte eosinophil progenitor cell megakaryocyte platelet megakaryocyte progenitor cell erythroid progenitor cell erythroblast reticulocyte primitive erythroid progenitor proerythroblast pre-natural killer cell pro-NK cell common lymphoid progenitor double-positive, alpha-beta thymocyte double negative thymocyte pro-T cell early pro-B cell late pro-B cell small pre-B-II cell large pre-B-II cell immature B cell B-1b B cell T1 B cell T2 B cell short lived plasma cell long lived plasma cell hematopoietic stem cell erythrocyte alveolar macrophage neutrophil mature B cell long term hematopoietic stem cell short term hematopoietic stem cell myeloid dendritic cell plasma cell memory B cell naive B cell mature NK T cell natural killer cell regulatory B cell promyelocyte inflammatory macrophage tissue-resident macrophage alternatively activated macrophage Bm3 B cell Bm4 B cell endothelial cell of lymphatic vessels capillary endothelial cell mesodermal cell osteoblast chondrocyte fat cell odontoblast osteocyte preosteoblast preodontoblast chondroblast prechondroblast myoblast skeletal muscle cell muscle cell fibroblast smooth muscle cell white fat cell preadipocyte hepatic stellate cell cumulus cell granulosa cell endothelial cell myofibroblast cell epithelial cell of uterus splenic macrophage bone marrow macrophage pulmonary smooth muscle aortic smooth muscle colon fibroblast in vitro differentiated fibroblast fetal fibroblast foot fibroblast foreskin fibroblast lung cultured fibroblast lung primary fibroblast skin cultured fibroblast skin primary fibroblast artery endothelial cell cd16 positive monocyte monocyte starting dendritic differentiation monocyte starting M1 macrophage differentiation avelor macrophage from smoker activated myeloid dendritic cell activated M2 macrophage early-secretory phase endometrial epithelial cell mid-secretory phase endometrial epithelial cell proliferative phase endometrial epithelial cell post-menopausal endometrial epithelial cell fallopian tube epithelial cell ovary epithelial cell immortalized ovary epithelial cell prostate stromal cell (CD49+) pulmonary artery endothelial cell | Number of cell-types: 275 | | Number of data-mapped cell-types: 130 odontocyte smooth muscle myoblast T-helper 17 cell T-helper 1 cell T-helper 2 cell Tr1 cell T-helper 9 cell T follicular helper cell activated CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell central memory CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell effector memory CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell induced T-regulatory cell CD4-positive, alpha-beta cytotoxic T cell CD4-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell T-helper 22 cell natural T-regulatory cell naive thymus-derived CD4-positive, alpha-beta T cell naive thymus-derived CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell CD8-positive, alpha-beta cytotoxic T cell activated CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell Tc2 cell Tc17 cell CD8-positive, alpha-beta memory T cell effector memory CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell central memory CD8-positive, alpha-beta T cell Tc1 cell regulatory T cell single-fate epithelial stem cell from mammosphere single oocyte differentiated myofibroblast embryonic stem cell line osteoclast plasmablast follicular dendritic cell Langerhans cell plasmacytoid dendritic cell mature CD11c-negative plasmacytoid dendritic cell preosteoblast osteoblast fibrocyte vein endothelial cell inner cell mass native cell